Where Is This Soya?

Trade and the consumerPublished on 28-07-2015
Kasia Jasik, communications manager green biotech, EuropaBio

Have any of you ever heard of the Danube Soya Initiative…? That’s what I thought.

It is Europe’s most significant (and only) attempt to […] Read more

Could Brussels ever ban the banana?

Trade and the consumerPublished on 28-05-2015
Kasia Jasik, communications manager green biotech, EuropaBio

If I were to ask you the question, ‘What is a banana?’ I very much doubt many of you would earnestly answer ‘Well, to me, a banana is a symbol of […] Read more

Determine the safety of a product and then let the customer decide!!

Trade and the consumerPublished on 16-04-2015
Julian Little, Chair of the Agricultural Biotechnology Council

I was recently speaking to a member of the animal feed supply chain who informed me that the amount of animal feed (most of which is genetically modified) to Europe […] Read more

Import animal feed or cultivate Germany’s forests?

Trade and the consumerPublished on 09-04-2015
Gerd Spelsberg, journalist, i-bio - Information Biosciences

Let’s have no more soya bean imports, but instead cultivate our own feed supplies in Germany. To achieve this we must ask where the extra agricultural […] Read more

About tradetalk

GMOs are already an integral part of our daily lives, as Europe benefits from this key enabling technology mainly indirectly through imports. We wear GM cotton clothes, we pay with GM cotton banknotes, and each year European farmers rely on imports of GM soybeans as a key protein source for their farm animals.


Here’s some good food for thought for all European citizens, experts, journalists and decision makers. Our society needs to address the issue of producing more food with less land, as the world population will reach at least 9 billion people by 2050.


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