Intellectual Property Helps Farmers Grow

A new study measures the economic value of intellectual property to society and its necessity in enabling innovators to develop new technologies.

The Bioeconomy starts here!

Biotech benefits

Biotech has increased crop production, lowered CO2 emmissions and improved farm incomes by $133 billion since the first varieties were planted in 1996.

Dr. Maurice Moloney, Rothamsted University (UK)

Biotech research in Europe is quite advanced thanks to the high number of University departments and Institutes rendering high output. The main issue we are facing today is how to capitalize that research within Europe.

What is the role of Intellectual Property in Innovation?

Developing a new invention is not easy. In fact -- it can be quite hard! Paul Leonard, Head of Innovation & Technology Policy at BASF, explains exactly how intellectual property helps his company continually deliver innovative, new products to farmers year after year. More on

FFA2014: Sustainable Intensification in Europe

UK government’s pro GM stance is a good example of leadership on the sustainable intensification in agriculture and at a European level it could be a game changer. How can GM technology be integrated along with other smart farming practices? Listen to the FFA video [40:55 – 44:12].

Jack Bobo, US Department of State

According to Jack Bobo, agriculture is not just a food security issue but it is also an economic and energy issues, as well as a US national security issue.  Learn more about his viewpoint here.

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Max Schulman, Farmer in Finland

Why not have the right to utilise latest technology? Get a farmer’s perspective on biotech crops.

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“GMOs offer potential of increased agricultural productivity, improved nutritional values that can contribute directly to enhancing human health and development.”
World Health Organisation, 2005

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