Intellectual Property In our Daily Lives

In our modern world, IP touches and improves every aspect of our lives. It rewards innovators for turning ideas, from a better cup of coffee to a more energy efficient car, into the technologies that sustain and enhance our world. More on

What is Intellectual Property?

Simon Dack, Intellectual Property Lawyer in Amsterdam, Netherlands explains what intellectual property, trademarks, copyrights and patents are, and how it all relates to agriculture. More on

Would you buy a color-changing GMO petunia?

Two plant molecular biologists hope to introduce a GMO for the garden: a petunia that changes color. "“It’s a place outside of the traditional context where people can interact with the technology and hopefully find some wonder and delight" they say.

Arctic® Apple 24 Hour Time-Lapse

Compare a sliced nonbrowning Arctic® Golden and a conventional Golden Delicious over a 24 hour time-lapse and see the difference for yourself !

Bureaucratic Barriers to Biotech

Do you want a Europe that welcomes scientists and encourages their discoveries? A Europe that helps farmers get the most out of their land, feed their animals, and improve the environment?

What is the role of Intellectual Property in Innovation?

Developing a new invention is not easy. In fact -- it can be quite hard! Paul Leonard, Head of Innovation & Technology Policy at BASF, explains exactly how intellectual property helps his company continually deliver innovative, new products to farmers year after year. More on

Dr. Claude M. Fauquet, Director Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century

After 14 years of efforts, scientists are about to develop a GM cassava in about 2 to 4 years. Despite the financing and regulatory challenges, Dr. Fauquet has hope that farmers in Africa will get access to this technology.

Helping Farmers Grow

New technologies over the past century, from tractors to biotech crops, have provided growers with the tools needed to sustainably meet the needs of our growing population while protecting the world around us. More on

Other material

6th European Innovation Summit

Knowledge4Innovation put together the highlights of the 6th European Innovation Summit, which took place in November 2014 at the European Parliament. Listen to the action points of Commissioner Hogan  [05:08-05:46] and Beat Späth [05:56-06:26]

IP for Vegetarians: Soybean crops

For over 3,000 years soybeans have been part of diets across southeast Asia and, in many countries, an essential part of their culture. In recent decades though, this versatile crop has exploded in production and expanded to new corners of the world.

IP for Farmers & Consumers: rapeseed

Rapeseed, also known as canola, has been cultivated around the world for four thousand years.


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“GM crops will be a key agricultural technology for the 21st century, and it is important that we maintain UK research in that area”
Lord de Mauley, UK Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for natural environment and science

Recent News

  • Why Europe lags on innovation

    In this new Politico opinion article, Bayer's CEO Marijn Dekkers explains why Europe's obsession with risk is hindering innovation. As other regions of the world move forward, more evidence-based policy in Europe would help to rekindle previous advances. 

  • GMOs microorganisms could replace flowers as sources of perfume

    Genetically engineered microorganisms could replace flowers as sources of ingredients for perfumes - and even recreate scents from plants long extinct.

  • Irish potato trial

    Farmers in Ireland spend up to 10 per cent of their potato-production costs on fungicides, spraying crops almost weekly when weather conditions make blight more likely. Is GM potato the solution?

  • UK trial shows fish oil could be grown in fields

    Fish oil could be grown on land rather than under water, following the first successful field trial of GM camelina led by the Rothamsted Research, reports the Financial Times.