Plant science often appears on social media for the wrong reasons, with fictitious scare stories about ‘frankenfoods’. We need to show people that plant scientists are dedicated people trying to find solutions to the big problems facing the world – hunger, malnutrition and environmental protection. The best way we can do this is by showing them the faces of people like us who are proud to work in plant sciences and what we get up to on a day-to-day basis. This is science, not fiction.

Get involved using the hashtag #mybiotech on Twitter and tell us where your interest comes from and why your research project might change the world for the better. Or why not take a photo of you and your research to create a plant #selfie!

If you need some inspiration, don’t hesitate to look at our campaign materials below and share with your networks.


The #mybiotech campaign was launched during the 2nd edition of the European Biotech Week 2014 (06-12 October 2014) to showcase how many people are proud to work in plant sciences and what we get up to on a day-to-day basis.
We reached over 50.000 people by having people sending out a coordinated tweet from their Twitter account and sharing simultaneously their passion on social media, turning our individual voices into a collective shout.
See here https://www.thunderclap.it/projects/15851-mybiotech-matters our supporters.
It was so successful that we want to continue our initiative!

3. Tweet

Compose a quick tweet… It could simply be a tweet about what you’re working on at the moment, why you got into plant science, or even the most annoying thing about being a plant scientist! Tag it with #mybiotech and encourage colleagues to do the same. Example tweets for inspiration might be:

4. Make a video to show people what you do

If you have a smartphone then you have all the equipment you need to create and share a short video for the campaign website, helping people realise what an ordinary day in the life of a plant scientist looks like.

  • You can upload your video using YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Vine or many other free apps online. If you need any help doing this, just email or tweet the campaign team at info@growingvoices.eu and https://twitter.com/growingvoiceseu
  • Then share your video via twitter using the hashtag #mybiotech.

So that’s it, please be as creative as you like and don’t forget to use the #mybiotech hashtag to share your efforts with everyone else.

5. Other things you might find useful