NEWSLETTER 1 - 03 March 2014

Pr. Marc Van Montagu, 2013 World Food Prize Laureate: GM is a Belgian discovery

The level of research in Europe is still outstanding, but with not enough support from governments. Prof Marc Van Montagu emphasises the need to encourage this sector and help future generations have access to information and also contribute to this fascinating area of research.

Dr. Pedro B. Arcuri, EMBRAPA: status of biotech crops in Brazil

GM crops are now about 70%-80% of the cultivated area in Brazil. Biotechnology is not only helping farmers cultivate but it also ensures employment and helps the Brazilian society through trade.

Pr. Luis Herrera-Estrella, National Laboratory for Genomics: perspective from Mexico

Opposition to technology is not based on real arguments, and those convening such misleading information should be aware of the consequences of their action.

Jack Bobo, U.S Department of State: ag biotech is used in many consumer products

Agricultural biotechnology is critically important for both the U.S and Europe. Consumers are not yet aware how much this technology is being used in the feed and food supplies today, including for the production of wine, beer and cheese.

Pr. Diran Makinde, African Biosafety Network of Expertise: GMOs in Africa

Not many African countries have a good regulatory framework, but even those who have, face challenges in dealing with this technology. Prof. Diran Makinde explains what are the difficulties African regulators face, as well as the potential of this technology for the continent.