NEWSLETTER 5 - 01 December 2014

Prof. Sven Ove Hansson, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Now that we have acquired much more knowledge about GMOs, Prof. Sven Ove Hansson considers irrational to keep such a restricted regulation based on past uncertainties.

Prof. Martina Newell McGloughin, University of California Davis, USA

Biotech has a lot of potential for ensuring a sustainable food production system. Prof. McGloughin regrets that many promising technologies may never get out of the laboratories because of the current regulatory system.

Prof. Diran Makinde, Director ABNE, Africa

The discussion on GM technology in Africa is linked to the food security challenge. This is why the mission of the African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE) is to guide African regulators to empower decision-making based on science. 

Dr. Claude M. Fauquet, Director Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century

After fourteen years of efforts, scientists are about to develop a GM cassava in about 2 to 4 years. Despite the financing and regulatory challenges, Dr. Fauquet has hope that farmers in Africa will get access to this technology that offers benefits.

What is the Approval Process for Import of GMOs in the EU?

A new infographic explains the main regulatory and political steps that have to be completed before a new GM crop can be authorised for import into the EU.