NEWSLETTER 4 - 06 October 2014

Aleksandra Malyske, Student in Poland: Legislators, listen to scientists!

Aleksandra Malyske strengthens the importance of communications in science.

Tomas Vicko, Molecular Biologist, Czech Republic: GM barley for the environment and farming

Tomas Vicko asks the politicians to let the scientists work without all the current restrictions which slow down progress.

Fernando Caixeta, Food Technologist, Brazil: Help us to help the planet

Green biotech partially feeds the poorest layer of the population in Brazil, where most of the GM crops are exported to Asia. Fernando Caixeta encourages Brazil to grow more for the benefits of society.

Pascoe Harvey, University of Edinburgh: The potentials of green biotech could be unleashed

Pascoe Harvey suggests that Europe takes on the model of the Canadian system which aims at looking at the phenotype rather than the production process.

Iquo Offiong, Nigeria, University of Glasgow: All we need is global knowledge

Iquo Offiong believes that green biotech has a role to play in terms of food security for Africa, in particular in her country Nigeria. However, more needs to be done in communicating with the public and create awareness on the technology and what it can do.