NEWSLETTER 6 - 02 February 2015

Julie Girling, Member of the European Parliament

Even though GMOs are part of our daily life, fed to our animals and scientifically proven to be safe, people still feel reluctant about consuming them. MEP Julie Girling exposes the various nutritional potentials of GM technology for the developed world as well as for the developing countries.

J.I. Serrano-Vela, Researcher, Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Association, Spain

Juan Ignacio Serrano-Vela explains how GM wheat can offer tasty, nutritional and affordable food options for people with gluten sensitivity.

Patrick Moore, PhD Ecologist, Allow Golden Rice Now, Canada

Find out how Golden Rice could save the lives of millions of children who die from vitamin A deficiency each year by introducing the recommended intake of beta-carotene in their daily diet.

Jie Lu, Student, Technical University of Munich, China

Jie Lu foresees a bright future for green biotechnology in China, especially in terms of food security.

David Green, Advisor U.S. Soy Growers, USA

Hear more about how herbicide-tolerant soybeans, grown by 92% of American farmers, are one of  the best technologies that have come onto the farms for many years.