• Why Europe lags on innovation

    In this new Politico opinion article, Bayer's CEO Marijn Dekkers explains why Europe's obsession with risk is hindering innovation. As other regions of the world move forward, more evidence-based policy in Europe would help to rekindle previous advances. 

  • GMOs microorganisms could replace flowers as sources of perfume

    Genetically engineered microorganisms could replace flowers as sources of ingredients for perfumes - and even recreate scents from plants long extinct.

  • Irish potato trial

    Farmers in Ireland spend up to 10 per cent of their potato-production costs on fungicides, spraying crops almost weekly when weather conditions make blight more likely. Is GM potato the solution?

  • UK trial shows fish oil could be grown in fields

    Fish oil could be grown on land rather than under water, following the first successful field trial of GM camelina led by the Rothamsted Research, reports the Financial Times.