• 'GM is safe, green groups are not being honest’ – ex-EU scientist

    Professor Anne Glover said it is “very clear GM is safe,” accusing NGOs such as Greenpeace of skewing the evidence. Speaking to BBC Radio 4, she said green groups were pursuing an “ideological position.”

  • US regulator okays non-browning GM apple

    The engineered trait is also one of the few meant to appeal to consumers; most of the traits so far, like insect resistance and herbicide resistance, have been aimed at helping farmers.

  • Ex-EU science chief Anne Glover: GM tech 'is safe'

    The technology behind GM crops is safe, according to scientific consensus, says the outgoing science adviser to the European Commission.

  • Are GM foods dangerous?

    Peter Hadfield, a former Radio 4 and CBC science reporter, jumps into the GMO debate in this science-based analysis of advocacy groups’ claims against GM foods.

  • Q&A: What Do I Need to Know About GMO Food?

    What exactly is a GMO?  Are GMOs harmful to health? Do GMOs increase pesticide use or hurt the environment? What impact do GMOs have on farmers? What do other countries say about GMOs and GMO labeling?

  • Answering critics of GMO foods

    New science seldom inspires trust. But let’s consider what the critics have to say and try to answer their concerns.