New GM cereal crop produces fish oil in its seeds

Fish oil, beneficial components of the human diet, could be grown on land rather than under water, say scientists following the first successful field trial of GMO camelina led by the UK Rothamsted Research. The GMO oilseed crop produced substantial amounts of omega-3 marine oils in its seeds, potentially improving in the future the sustainability of fish farming.

Pushing Boundaries in Agriculture

Rob Saik, CEO of the Agri-Trend Group, explains the risks of not listening to science and not allowing safe technological advances to proceed in the agricultural sector. An inspiring TEDx talk.

What people say about GMO safety

EuropaBio has put together a set of statements of international, EU and national bodies, such as the World Health Organization, all confirming GMO safety.

Status and market potential of transgenic biofortified crops

Research has shown that GM crops with an increased nutritional value have a promising market potential.

Genetic Engineering, GE & GMOs all in one cool Infographic

Genetic engineering, what does it mean? Where are the genetically engineered ingredients? Genetic engineering versus plant breeding GMOs milestones.

Bt Maize and Bees

Does genetically modified Bt maize pose a risk to honeybees? Stephan Härtel and his team at the University of Würzburg investigated this possibility in a three-year research project. They did not find that Bt maize affected the bees' health in any of these experiments.

Harnessing Crop Diversity To Feed The Future

DivSeek will unlock the potential of crop diversity stored in genebanks around the globe and make it available to all so that it can be utilized to enhance the productivity, sustainability and resilience of crops and agricultural systems.

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Omega 3

Genetically modified oilseeds enriched with omega 3 represent a viable and sustainable alternative to fish oils. Learn more on the oilseeds enriched in omega 3 project, led by Rothamsted Research.

How Are GMOs Created?

Curious about how a GMO is made? How scientists create GMOs is one of the top questions we get about GMOs. This video shows how they are made, through the story of the Hawaiian Rainbow Papaya.

What is the Approval Process for Import of GMOs in the EU?

Discover the main regulatory and political steps that have to be completed before a new GM crop can be authorised for import into the EU.

The Story of Bt Brinjal in India

The video documents the process of development, deregulation, demand and debate on Bt brinjal (eggplant/aubergine) in India.

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“GMOs offer potential of increased agricultural productivity, improved nutritional values that can contribute directly to enhancing human health and development.”
World Health Organisation, 2005

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