Bob Metz, farmer from South Dakota, on GMOs

"Everything we do on the farm we think about the next generation. We would never embrace a technology that would put that at risk", says Bob Metz, farmer from South Dakota who is the fifth generation of his family to farm in Roberts County, S.D.

Why a UK farmer changed his mind on GMOs?

"Seeing the benefits first hand opened my mind."

The effect of Europe's GMO stance on developing world

"Europe has a role in producing technological advance for the developing world, which is beyond profit, it's about our duty", says MEP Julie Girling. Putting an end to research in Europe will 'slow down” Africa's ability to feed itself. Europe, she says, is being selfish.

White gold - the story of Bt cotton in Burkina Faso

What is Bt cotton? Why is it used? Farmer Soma Amadou from Burkina Faso tells her personal story of how the genetically modified cotton helped reduce pesticide spraying, improve his harvest and improved the lives of people in his village.

Helping Farmers Grow

New technologies over the past century, from tractors to biotech crops, have provided growers with the tools needed to sustainably meet the needs of our growing population while protecting the world around us. More on

GMOs, the Italian Paradox: You Can Import, but not Plant

To 56% of the respondents, it is unfair to allow foreign growers to cultivate GMO crops and then sell them in Italy while Italian farmers are prohibited from doing the same.

David Green, Advisor U.S. Soy Growers, USA

Hear more about how herbicide-tolerant soybeans, grown by 92% of American farmers, are one of  the best technologies that have come onto the farms for many years.

FFA2014: Sustainable Intensification in Europe

UK government’s pro GM stance is a good example of leadership on the sustainable intensification in agriculture and at a European level it could be a game changer. How can GM technology be integrated along with other smart farming practices? Listen to the FFA video [40:55 – 44:12].

Other material

Bt Cotton

Bt cotton plants can defend themselves from larvae and the harvest is thus protected.

Key Global Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified Crop Use

Against the background of increasing awareness and appreciation of issues on global environment, this paper updates previous assessments of some key environmental impacts that crop biotechnology has had on global agriculture.

Max Schulman, Farmer in Finland

Why not have the right to utilise latest technology? Get a farmer’s perspective on biotech crops.

GMO's: Italian Politics against the European Court of Justice

Dalla Libera: "Italy must resume field-testing and apply the EU regulation that today allows to plant biotech in our country"

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“Biotechnology, in the form of GM crops, must be part of the solution.”
Miguel Arias Caņete, Former Spanish Agriculture Minister

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