Politics over science?

Decision makers who continue to cast into doubt the safety of GMOs should explain why they trust unfounded scaremongering more than the verdicts of renowned organisations including their own European Food Safety Authority, the European Academies of Science, the World Health Organisation, and the European Commission. 

Anthea McIntyre, Member of the European Parliament

MEP Anthea McIntyre is keen to embrace accelerated breeding techniques based on scientific evidence and she calls consumers to keep an open mind.

Julie Girling, Member of the European Parliament

Europe has a clear and rigorous approval process, which politicians put aside because the topic is too polarized. MEP Julie Girling believes that with the renewal of the Parliament it is the time to move forward in the GM debate.

Paola Testori Coggi, European Commission

The challenges of population growth and climate change remind us every day that critical political decisions need to be taken rapidly. In this regard, Paola Testori Coggi is convinced that GMOs have a role to play and she sees in new generations of GMOs that have direct consumer benefits an opportunity to address citizens’ needs, demands and concerns. (January 2014)

Bureaucratic Barriers to Biotech

Do you want a Europe that welcomes scientists and encourages their discoveries? A Europe that helps its farmers feed their animals and avoids trade disruptions with developing and emerging countries?

Rt Hon Owen Paterson MP to Growing Voices

"We need to act now otherwise Europe is at serious risk of becoming the museum of world farming [...] The communications challenge on GM technology is a difficult one. The ‘Growing Voices’ on GM will continue to grow as the technology continues to develop and deliver."

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Key Global Environmental Impacts of Genetically Modified Crop Use

Against the background of increasing awareness and appreciation of issues on global environment, this paper updates previous assessments of some key environmental impacts that crop biotechnology has had on global agriculture.

Jack Bobo:, US Department of State

In a video interview for Farmers Weekly, Jack Bobo, senior advisor on biotechnology to the U.S. Department of State, tells Europe should be allowed access to the GM technology.

Prof. Diran Makinde, Director ABNE, Africa

The discussion on GM technology in Africa is linked to the food security challenge. This is why the mission of the African Biosafety Network of Expertise (ABNE) is to guide African regulators to empower decision-making based on science. 

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador

Rafael Correa, President of Ecuador: agricultural biotechnology “is a powerful tool take farmers out of misery and help those who live and work in extreme conditions”.

Why is it Time to Think again about GMO in Europe?

Agricultural productivity is back on the political agenda and there is a pressing need for new forms of technology in agriculture to help those at the sharp end of the global food challenge. In this video, you can listen to the views of MP George Lyon and MP Philippe De Backer with regard to the current situation on GMOs in Europe.

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“Banning GM imports means doing away with our capability of producing food”
Commissioner for Health & Food Safety Vytenis Andriukaitis

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