Pamela Ronald: The case for engineering our food

Pamela Ronald studies the genes that make plants more resistant to disease and stress. In an eye-opening TEDTalk, she shows how the genetic improvement of seeds may simply be the most effective way to enhance food security for our planet’s growing population

Anne Glover on her role of Chief Scientific Adviser and GM crops

"The evidence is very clear that the [GM] technology is safe", maintained Prof Anne Glover during an interview on the BBC 4 Radio [01:52:29 -01:57:37].

The Daily Show - The impact of the GMO potatoe

Aasif Mandvi from the Daily Show investigates into the impacts of the GMO potatoe and is shocked at his discovery.

J.I. Serrano-Vela, Researcher, Coeliac Disease and Gluten Sensitivity Association, Spain

Juan Ignacio Serrano-Vela explains how GM wheat can offer tasty, nutritional and affordable food options for people with gluten sensitivity.

Prof. Sven Ove Hansson, Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm

Now that we have acquired much more knowledge about GMOs, Professor Sven Ove Hansson considers irrational to keep such a restricted regulation based on old uncertainties.

Prof. Agnès Ricroch, AgroParisTech, France

French scientists should be able to conduct research in biotechnology, just like their colleagues in the UK. 

Prof. Selim Cetiner, Sabanci University Istanbul, Turkey

Prof. Çetiner testifies the nonsense of doing research in genetic engineering. 

Other material

The Story of Bt Brinjal in India

The video documents the process of development, deregulation, demand and debate on Bt brinjal (eggplant/aubergine) in India.

Kartoffeln: Neue Strategien gegen die Kraut- und Knollenfäule

Potatoes: New strategies against late blight infection

Phytophthora is a huge problem in potato farming. Scientists at Wageningen University are now going a new route to finally achieve long term resistant potatoes.

Dr. Claude M. Fauquet, Director Global Cassava Partnership for the 21st Century

There is a need to control diseases and use fewer pesticides. This can be done through science and research. Dr. Claude M. Fauquet shows how the GM Cassava plant is a great example of how genetic engineering can solve a number of problems.

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“The evidence is very clear that the [GM] technology is safe”
Prof Anne Glover, ex Chief Scientific Adviser to the European Commission

Recent News

  • Kenya: Scientists insist GM foods safe

    Kenya has both the technology and human resource to adopt biotechnology especially on genetically modified organisms ( GMOs), scientists have said.

  • Irish potato trial

    Farmers in Ireland spend up to 10 per cent of their potato-production costs on fungicides, spraying crops almost weekly when weather conditions make blight more likely. Is GM potato the solution?

  • Scientists criticise Scottish Government on GMO cultivation ban

    Leading European research institutions have sent a concerned letter to the Scottish Governement strongly criticising its decision decision to ban GMO cultivation.