INFOGRAPHIC: EU benefits from GM trade

Did you know that the EU is one of the biggest importers of genetically modified (GM) commodities in the world? We import over 33 million tonnes of GM commodities per year, which is equivalent to the combined weight of all EU citizens. Check the infographic!

"Europe la carte?" Best Of Video

Arūnas Vinčiūnas, the Head of Cabinet of the Health & Food Safety Commissioner, farmers from Brazil and the U.S., representatives from the mission of Argentina, European farmers, feed industry and grain traders discuss the European Commission's proposal to allow EU Member States to ban the use of imported GMOs on the basis of non-scientific criteria. Discover the discussions in this best of video!

The Journey of Mr. Maize to the EU

Did you know that GMOs are already part of your daily life? The EU is one of the biggest importers of genetically modified raw materials and benefits hugely from GM trade. However, the regulatory system is not always working as it should. Discover the story of Mr Maize, a biotech maize from Brazil who embarks on a journey to the EU.

INFOGRAPHIC: EU Member States and GMOs: What they say and what they do

Food and feed trade is unevenly distributed between EU Member States, who also take different political positions on genetic modification (GM). Is there a correlation between trade volume and the voting behaviour of Member States?

Bureaucratic Barriers to Biotech

Do you want a Europe that welcomes scientists and encourages their discoveries? A Europe that helps farmers get the most out of their land, feed their animals, and improve the environment?

VIDEO: GMO Imports: modifying the genetics of the internal market?

The European Commission has proposed to give Member States the power to prohibit the use of imported GMOs even though they’ve been signed off by the European Food Safety Authority.

What does this mean for the GMO debate? What does it mean for the internal market? 

The benefits of GMO trade

The EU is a major importer of GM commodities from other parts of the world. European livestock farmers depend on these imports heavily since there is no realistic alternative. 

Food: How Europe's Choices Affect Others

Do you have enough food to eat every day? And water to cook, shower and even water your flowers? You know that every choice you make has an effect on others around the world - but how much do you know about the effects of putting food on your plate?

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Exporting countries emphasise need for timely science-based regulation of biotech crops

“science-based, transparent, timely, no more trade restrictive than necessary to fulfill legitimate objectives, and consistent with relevant international obligations”, says the joint statement.

'Embrace GM or lose out in the global market', US professor tells Australia

A leading expert in potato industry research says Australia’s export potential will be crippled unless farmers embrace genetic modification (GM) technology.

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“The European livestock industry runs on genetically engineered feed, and GM organisms are widely used in cheese, wine and beer.”
Jack Bobo, Senior Advisor for Biotechnology at the U.S. Department of State

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